Isnin, 17 Mei 2010

Tahniah Pengundi CINA Sibu Kerana Bijak Perjudikan Undi Anda.

Lewat malam semalam keputusan undi pilihanraya kecil Sibu telah diumumkan. Kemenangan kepada calon DAP... Terkejut juga apabila kubu BN berjaya ditembusi oleh DAP. Mana silapnya? Calon ke atau wakil rakyat yang terdahulu tidak bekerja?

Untuk Kepimpinan UBN - Cukuplah disalurkan peruntukan kepada BANGSA CINA.
Mereka tidak perdulikan semangat 1 Malaysia.
Mereka mungkin punya misi menjadikan negara ini REPUBLIK.

Untuk Bangsa Cina - Ini bukan SINGAPORE tapi ini MALAYSIA.

Untuk Kerajaan - Ini masanya kita bantu sepenuhnya Sekolah MELAYU.
Ini masanya kita bantu sepenuhnya ANAK MELAYU.

Buat Bangsa Melayu - Ini masanya untuk kita BERSATU.

15 ulasan:

  1. Saya tidak terkejut dengan kaum Cina untuk mengundi ROKET di SIbu. Dan DAP merupakan satu PARTI yang bakal berdikari tanpa bantuan dari PKR atau PAS. PAS sebagai sebuah parti islam, tergamak dan tidak ada rasa simpati pada orang melayu atau kerajaan pimpinan orang melayu bila berucap menyokong apa yang diucapkan oleh LKS bila unsur hasutan perkauman dilaung laungkan.

    Tidakkah terdetik dihati sebuat parti islam ini menerima bulat bulat apa yang diucapkan.? Parti islam ini pemimpinnya kaum cina ke atau melayu? Orang Cina pandang PAS sebelah mata atau sebagai lawak jenaka, begitu jugak PKR. PAS dan PKR sudah tidak relevan lagi dimata kaum cina, kerana DAP sudah bangkit dan bakal meninggalkan parti bermasalah dengan flying colors...

  2. Part 1 - The origin of pendatang:

    · Malays - come from Indonesia and Yunnan.
    · Chinese - come from China.
    · Indians - come from India.

    Part 2 - Why they come to Malaysia:

    · Malays - easy life, food aplenty around those days, like fish from the river etc.
    · Chinese - looking for a living.
    · Indians - looking for a living and goes back.

    Part 3 - Pendatang's attitude:

    · Malays - the words 'relax la', 'bantuan kerajaan' and 'cukup makan' are their daily words.
    · Chinese - work, work and work but also spend.
    · Indians - work, earn and save but spend little.

    Looking at the mindsets of various pendatang. You tell me is it possible to be one Bangsa Malaysia? Never! For oil will never mix with water.

    If you tell the Chinese to close down Chinese schools, the children will not taught to be hardworking anymore, so they become lazy and can they ask for bantuan kerajaan?

    No! Right? So let the Chinese have more Chinese schools to teach the principle of hardworking, integrity, trustworthy etc, thus others can get more shares.

    Those days the government control the Chinese schools is because of communist. Now where got communist again? Bodoh!

  3. Malay history start from Parameswara who escape from Indonesia and settle in Melaka. During his time, Laksamana Cheng Ho visit Melaka seven times.

    Melaka need the protection of the China from the invasion of the Siamese. Without Cheng Ho, there won't be malay history, instead you have Siam history.

    I pity Malaysian Muslims, you probably are the least free people in this world! Even Indonesian Muslims are allowed to practice apostasy when they become adults!

  4. UMNO = Untuk Makan Nasi Orang

    This is a new generation of lazy malays who evolved from their lazy ancestors. Not surprising la! Wait for the next generation of lazy malays on the future with better parasitic economic policies.

  5. Know what malay pig? A suck babi hutan pendatang from Indonesia, pencuri of Tanah Orang Asli, should be caught by all the Chinese whom you have insulted.

    They will then pack you in a pig basket, parade you round Chinatown in KL, to let the Chinese pelt rotten eggs, throw shit and pour all the pig shit from the nearby pig farms on your head.

    Then let them take you out of your pig basket and roast you over an extremely hot fire until you become barbecued pork. After that chop your stinking carcass and leave it in the streets of rural for all those vultures and crows to feed on. Good riddance to bad rubbish.

    Why only malays? You think this country is yours alone? What has the government really done for the pribumis and the Orang Asli? Look at how Umno has screwed up Sabah Indonesians and Filipinos getting citizenship and enjoying the same benefits as you the moment they hop off the boat!

    You go ask the government to stop all that then I will stop thinking you are speaking through your asshole.

    Podah! You are nothing but a chauvinist malay pig like the rest.

    It seems like Malaysia is still not ready for globalisation because of a bunch of anti-social racist morons like you. Our country already independent for so many donkey years but sorry to see still got such shortsighted moron like you.

    Bangsa melayu failed in the past 30 years with lots of help from Umno but still failed! Then they blame the Chinese cheat la, marginalise them la, this la that la……….so much excuses! If you are pariah, forever you are pariah!

    If you malay pig race lazy, no matter how much with the government help, it will back to square.

    For me, I just speak up what I had observed and not like the malay race who is always jealous about other race success. Bad hearted.

    What the hell you ask all the Chinese to get out from Malaysia in your comment post? It is proven you are another racist moron bastard!

    Malay failure is the fact! It has been happened since 30 years ago and not just now. If you keep on denying it proven again you are just another loser or hypocrite!

    Truth - what is so proud of asking Chinese to be like your kind of robbers, liars, cheaters in Malaysia? Kaum tongkat yang langsung tak tahu malu! Yes, you motherf***ker are stupid, lazy, fanatic, thus you need tongkat forever! Dick head!

    Kaum tongkat still can survive in most of the zoos overseas. See the UPM red shirt "Orang Utan". At least they could be the laughing stock to this world.

    If malays with 50% population in Malaysia none of them success, then I reckon you jump to the sea. That so!

    Once again, with you racist pig moron, Malaysia wouldn't go far as far as globalisation is all about!

    You are truly one of those Umno babi hutan with shit plastered all over your brain and fulfilling Hang Tuah policy in reverse! With babi hutan like you whose brains are filled with tahi babi - it would be melayu akan hilang di dunia!

  6. The founders of kingdoms and sultanates were nothing but a bunch of pirates, robbers and thieves, so what is so "great" about being of royal blood?

  7. Hey, you pathetic cow and all the babiputras who have the same feeling/thinking like them. You don't feel shame being spoon feed by government using the taxpayers money?

    I guess all the protection policy make you all even more lazy and narrow minded and stupid. The majority of you once step out of the Malaysia soil will sure starve to death.

    Hoy, I think you should try some pork meat once a while to make you more intelligent a bit. Look at around the world region, anti pork meat countries are mostly rippled with starving and war or worst, non-stop crying for government policy protection.

    Fact is fact when you babiputras are stupid is always stupid - although it can be help by consistent protection and nourishment policy but the end result will not go far because the quality of gene is there.

  8. AkuMelayuCinaBenci5/17/2010 6:12 PTG

    This is malay archipelago.Even before malacca there were sriviyaya and majapahit.There are all malays.The only different is that there are Hindus. Islam came to Malacca through Arabs trader and mass islamisation occured when the sultans embraced Islam. So to say melayu is also pendatang is wrong.Chinese is the true pendatang. And to call us BABIPUTRA just portayed how much hatred you have upon the bumiputras. I dont mind you have all the money in the world but to be in power in this country is a big no. Because you simply hate the bumiputra right?. Any decision would be bias towards your own race. So yes carry on calling us BABIPUTRA...13 May is not too distant to be forgotten.

  9. Bodoh punya melayu babi……….

    Baik balik ke tanah melayu la. We are natives of Sabah and Sarawak land - buat apa kamu punya orang datang sini menjajah kita oh?

    Kita tak suka kamu orang datang sini mengorek sumber petroleum tanah kita - this Sabah and Sarawak land not belongs to your malays.

    Get out from Sabah and Sarawak la!

    Bodoh melayu babi!

  10. If malays are so unhappy in this land, they are free to go back to Indonesia, nobody stop them.

    They are laughed at by everyone in this world for being lazy, stupid, useless morons.

    If we want a good country – we must destroy the Umno party first.

  11. The malays do not exist as a unique tribe but are the result of centuries of mix amongst various ethnic groups - migrants from Yunnan, Polynesia, Java, Sumatra, Turkey, Arabia, India, Siam, Cambodia, Laos.

    Once they began to populate the Malayan Peninsula - (which wasn't named for the malay race but derives from the Tamil word for "mountain" - malai) they figured it would be advantageous to claim ownership of the land by dubbing it Tanah Melayu.

    It was mostly a political part of various pirate bloodlines to create their own Promised Land.

  12. Habis tu,,Yang kau dok tarik bantuan sek agama rakyat kenapa???? bukankah org meyu islam yg sek d c tu. royalti petrol kelantan amacam??? Bukankah 98% rakyat Ktan melayu,????

  13. YOY ... fahamilah kita ni kerajaan pusat dan negeri...memang begitu. untung lagi kau dpt peruntukan kelantan, x dpt biarpun hasil diserah dgn pusat..Yg di bagi pada JPP, talibarut UMNO. JGn sentimen kewilayahan sangat. kita kawan. boleh bersatu.

  14. YOY makan babi. dia pun babi juga.

  15. malay lazy? check out first in the wikipidea.. allo my fren (or maybe not) malay archipelago consist of penisular malaysia, riau island, part of sumatera and borneo.. read history.. just because the british came and bring christianity (apology not about religion)you sabahan and sarawakan seem to forget your roots.. furthermore, the infilteration of chinese had done more damage than good.. please.. wake up and realise where you stand.. so don't be such a bore (boar maybe suit you all well) just a malay proverb goes.. melepaskan anjing tersepit.. datang tanah melayu dah kenyang.. lepas tu nak jadi tuan pulak.. once a chinese always a chinese.. singapore (yang kau orang curi)boleh lah.. hongkong boleh lah.. china boleh lah.. sekarang kau belah lah.. janagn duduk malaysia lagi.. pergi lah..


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